12 steps to a successful kitchen renovation

The thought of a kitchen renovation is often so overwhelming, that many people have no idea where to begin. It should be a fun process! If you follow our 12 step process, we guarantee you will be on your way to a great kitchen renovation experience.


12 steps to the kitchen of your dreams

  1. The Beginning - Look for pictures of kitchens that appeal to you. The internet is a great resource and websites such as Houzz and Pinterest allow you to tag and organize pictures that you find appealing.
  2. What is important to YOU? - Think about the features that important to you and build a list of them. When we visit our clients in their homes, the first question we ask is, what do you like best about your current kitchen? Not surprising, the next question we ask is what is it that you do not like? Again, build a list of the things you think you want in your dream kitchen.
  3. Determine your Budget - Your budget doesn’t need to be a hard figure, just a starting point. If you have no idea at this point, just determine the maximum amount that you are willing to spend on the project. Then, meet with a professional who can help you understand the costs to expect with your project. A great resource that we recommend to our clients is The Costs vs. Value Report published by the Remodeling Industry.
  4. Select your Contractor - Interview them, review pictures of their work, review and research the materials that they recommend, and speak with their references. Make sure they use business practices that will ensure your project will be completed in a timely manner and within your budget.
  5. Schedule an in-home Design Session – Have your contractor/designer show you photo-realistic design options on kitchen design software. You can compare the design with your existing kitchen to see a variety of options come together right before your eyes. You’ll be amazed how quickly your plan will come together. The software allows you to easily move appliances and cabinets around to help you visualize the variety of possibilities that may work in your existing space.
  6. Visit a Kitchen Design Showroom – You need to touch and feel what is offered by your contractor. Use the visit to select your cabinetry, counter tops, back splash, flooring and more. The more decisions that you are able to make at on place, the better.
  7. Proposal Time - Make sure your proposal includes a detailed scope of work. An explanation of the construction elements involved in the project, and it must include specific dollar amounts for all the materials required on the project.
  8. The Contract – Enter into a agreement that meets the requirements of the state board of contractors. We recommend a “fixed price agreement” to eliminate unnecessary cost overruns. Make sure to your contractor is properly licensed and insured.
  9. Building and Trade Permits - Most kitchen remodeling will require permits. Make sure your contractor secures the required permits for your project.
  10. Project Management – Require your contractor to provide a Project Manager to oversee the project. Do not start your project until all decisions are made and approved. It is very important to make sure all materials have been ordered and on-hand before the project starts!
  11. Communicate – Open communication is key. Your Project Manager should keep you informed as the project progresses. Make sure that you have an open line of communication to the people working on your project.
  12. Celebrate – Once the project is complete, enjoy your new kitchen!


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