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Jamie Olweiler

My wife and I started designing our kitchen a year ago with the help of Mike from The Model Home Look. And although the work has taking a little longer than we had hoped to do to some unforeseen circumstances, we are near the finish line and I wanted to share about my kitchen and how it is change the environment and us. We spent a lot of time designing the flow of the kitchen, that means: where will things be when you need them, where is the sink, where are the trashcans where is the refrigerator in relationship to the sink / prep area and stovetop. For the first time in 25 years as a homeowner, I have the dream – kitchen that is designed to entertain while cooking, with the perfect “mis en place” and I must share a little story: This past weekend, we finally put everything back in place and set our new kitchen up with thought and functionality. We were preparing for my daughter‘s birthday dinner where we entertained for 12 people. I have been known to be very stressed out in kitchens in the past, mostly because I didn’t have the space or functionality that I needed and I ran around like a crazy man giving off negative body language, saying, “get out of my way” without saying it verbally, which is actually worse. I prepared 12 poached lobster‘s, homemade bacon vinaigrette over spinach salad with homemade croutons and haricot verts, blistered, salted baked potatoes and my wife made Tiramisu for dessert. My family commented how enjoyable it was to sit around and watch me cook and for the first time see me actually cooking happily and free from stress. And I, couldn’t have been happier because I finally have the kitchen I always wished for. My vice to the readers: don’t wait to design your kitchen, do it now so you can enjoy it, not just to sell a home down the road. Take your time designing the flow of the kitchen, it makes a huge big difference so think about where things go. And lastly, take the time to do it right, especially if you’re going to be in your home for the next 20 years. Thank you to Mike, and his crew who were very professional and a joy to work with. I work in the restaurant industry, and wanted to bring some of my own trusted contractors in to do some of the work, but in the end decided to let Mike and his crew doing amazing job and I am very proud of the work that has been done.

Mary Campbell - Fair Oaks, VA

After working with Model Home Look, I will never work with another contractor. Model Home Look is truly the best. We initially hired them to do our kitchen remodel. Mike came with a laptop and some great ideas that he was able to show me as he designed it. As a result the flow in my kitchen is much better and it is easier to work in. They did such a tremendous job that we asked them to remodel our family room and half bath. Mike designed a vanity that fit better in our bathroom and it is beautiful. During the family room remodel our master bath tub began leaking, and we needed to replace the tub. We decided to renovate instead of replacing the tub, since we were planning to do it anyway. Again, Mike had some great ideas. The bathroom came out great and it was done in less than two weeks. The entire crew that showed up for these jobs were very respectful. They were hard working and always cleaned up after themselves. I never saw them smoking in my yard or found a cigarette butt in my yard - which is something I don't care for. Since the remodel, if I have a problem with anything in the house or need advice, Mike is the one I call. He is old school in that he cares about his customers and about doing a good job. He is a man of his word and I completely trust his work.