Fontino Collection





Fontino is a Spanish porcelain tile series with an elegant marbleized screen. A 13x13 porcelain floor tile is accented by 9x16 glossy ceramic wall time along with a 2x2 porcelain mosaic. Soft muted tones with low shade-variation create on-trend color options in Ice, Blue, Grey, or Vision.  


Available sizes - 13x13, 9x16 glossy wall, 2x2 mosaic on 13x13, 2x9 glossy bullnose

Porcelain floor + Ceramic wall tile with a glazed finish

Wear Rating - 4 (13x13, 2x2) 1 (9x16, 2x9 bullnose)

Shade Variation - V3

Frost Proof (floor only)

Available colors - Blue, Grey, Ice, Vision