Pantheon Stone Collection

Pantheon Stone is a high quality Italian porcelain evoking the classic materials used in Roman architectural features. Showcasing an elegant breccia marble screen with light veining, Pantheon Stone is available in four beautiful colors and two standard tile formats, 12x24 and 9x36. Or, liven up your space with a large 14" hexagon shape for a most impressive design. With coordinating mosaics and trim, all formats are suitable for residential and commercial applications. 


Available sizes - 12x24, 9x36, 14x16 hexagon, 3x3, 4x4 hexagon, 3x24 battiscopa

Porcelain tile with a glazed finish

Wear Rating - 5

Shade Variation - V3

Frost Proof + Acid Resistant

Available colors - Antracite, Ice, Ivory, Walnut