Pietra Alpi White Collection

Pietra Alpi is a ceramic floor and wall tile series replicating the classic, sophisticated look of white Carrara marble. Its high-tech digital screen offers a realistic interpretation of muted grey veining on a sharp white marble background. Wall tiles are available in three versatile formats. The 12x12 floor tile is available in a luxurious satin finish. Trim is available for all wall sizes. 


Available sizes - 4x8 beveled (glossy), 4x12 (matte), 8x12 (glossy or matte), 12x12, 3x8 bullnose

Ceramic wall + floor tile with a glazed finish

Wear Rating - 1 (4x8, 4x12, 8x12, 3x8) 4 (12x12)

Shade Variation - V2

Available colors - Matte white, Glossy white