White Marmi Collection

White Marmi is one of the most versatile Italian porcelain collections available today. The classic background and subtle veining of Statuario and Calacatta stone looks add elegance to floors and backsplashes in both traditional and contemporary spaces. A broad range of sizes and shapes includes large and small format tile, hexagons, and a basketweave mosaic. White Marmi's durability. low maintenance, and high design aesthetic allow of endless options in any setting. Suitable for all residential and light commercial applications. 


Available sizes - 3x6, 4x12, 12x12 basketweave, 2x2 mosaic, 12x24, 3x24 battiscopa, 3x12 bullnose

Italian porcelain wall and floor tile with a glazed finish

Wear Rating - 4

Shade Variation - V2

Frost Proof + Acid Resistant

Available colors - Calacatta + Statuario